Fashion Editorial: $treet $mart

$treet $mart Oscar Gonzalez

The inspirations for this shoot were entirely based off of the awe-inspiring graffiti murals of graffiti mogul Max Meano, who is based out of the Lehigh Valley, Pennsylvania. I came across a rising star for the expanding artist community in the Lehigh Valley. The Cigar Factory is a unique space housing artists studios.  Within this building is the Alternative Gallery, a place where artists with truly unique and unhindered visions can display their work. Incredibly talented Graffiti Artist, Max Meano has adorned many of the walls of the gallery with his sprawling murals flooded with color, pattern, text and imagery that incorporate both traditional and modern graffiti styles. 

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Tips For Building A Modeling Portfolio

Your portfolio is your brand. Treat it as a resume, and be sure it exhibits the type of work you are looking for. It should display your ability at posing. Also include a variety of photographic styles or genres to show your versatility. Having professional hair and makeup done for your portfolio shoots is incredibly important in order to achieve high quality, portfolio worthy professional photos.

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