Oh to crave power! It’s glorious, it’s a addiction. It fuels my phone, which honestly, how would I live without it?
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My phone becomes more and more important for business every day. From apps like OpenCall to LinkedIn to Instagram and several others my phone has become a life blood for Stylography.
The Q-SWAP MOBILE POWER is a revolutionary way for me to charge my phone and power photography accessories for Stylography.
Each cell gives my iPhone 7 at least two full charges. With the two cells that Q-SWAP comes with that allows four full charges in a day. Each cell is 5200 mAh for a total of 10,400 mAh.
The marquee feature of the Q-SWAP MOBILE POWER is the increased power capacity. Theoretically I could carry as many power cells as needed and swap them out as needed. It also seems like QQC is working on battery cells with other, higher power capacities.
I’ve discovered that the Q-SWAP can charge much more than my phone. I can also use it to power photography accessories like the TetherTools TetherBoost Pro Core Controller for on location tethered shooting. This will enable a lot more mobile photography needs.
The Q-SWAP MOBILE POWER comes with three main pieces, two Q-cells and the Q-booster that houses a cell. The set also provides a velvet pouch to store all Q-SWAP accessories. It utilizes lithium ion batteries. It has a very useful touch feature that displays the power level of the cell by showing a green, orange or red light. The location of the USB port is convenient because I can wrap the cable around the Q-SWAP and store it easier than other charging devices.
It comes with one micro-USB charging cable to charge via a USB or USB to AC power adapter that comes with an iPhone but isn't included. You charge a Q cell without the case by plugging the Qsync cable into the cell. It usually takes at least an overnight to charge them. It would've been nice to have two Q sync cable in case I use two cells in a day and have to charge both.
I received the Q-SWAP MOBILE POWER heavily discounted from QQC and sold by Amazon.com in exchange for an honest review of the Q-SWAP MOBILE POWER. Neither I nor Stylography have any additional interest in this product and were not paid for the review.
You can visit www.getqqc.com to learn more and Amazon to purchase http://a.co/4Zscv5d the Q-SWAP MOBILE POWER.
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