Juskel Product Behind The Scenes

Product photography can be daunting when it comes to figuring out the right lighting to use. The Litebox Studio 45 makes that choice easy. 
The Litebox Studio 45 comes as a full kit with two powerful LED lights, light stands, softbox attachments and a travel bag. It’s a quick and simple setup for product photography.
The Litebox Studio 45 comes with a clear instruction card. It’s easy to assemble. The lights can be attached to any standard light stand, but the ones provided are sufficient and reach up 7.5 feet. The softbox attaches similarly to those I have for regular studio lights. The pole rests in a pocket in each corner of the soft box and then each pole goes into each of the four mounting holes on the light.
I am very impressed by the brightness. Each light has an output of up to 50,000 lumens and uses 45 watts of power. They are color balanced to match daylight at 5500 Kelvins. I could photograph the product at a 1/125 to 1/250 shutter speed with and aperture of ƒ4 to ƒ5.6 and a 400 ISO depending on the placement of the lights. 
The Litebox Studio 45 output and power can be controlled in a few ways. The lights can also be dimmed if you don’t need that much power. Each light comes with a softbox that can be used to focus the light. The soft boxes measure 20”x28”. Each softbox also has a diffusion panel that can be attached to soften the light.
Juskel Product Behind The Scenes
Here’s what I love about the Litebox Studio 45. It’s very portable for on location product photography. Anybody could assemble and use it. The light produces very realistic colors in camera.
There are some things I’m skeptical of or disappointed with. I’m curious to see how the plastic construction of the light holds up over time. That includes the holes where the softbox attaches to the lights. The fans that cool the lights are loud, and that makes these impractical to use for video production.
The Litebox Studio 45 is intended for product photography, but it’s perfect for much more. I could also see using it to light headshots or for other ambient light photography.
I received the Litebox Studio 45 significantly discounted from LiteBox and sold by Amazon.com in exchange for an honest review of the Litebox Studio 45. Neither I nor Stylography have any additional interest in this product and were not paid for the review.
You can learn more at http://a.co/c0Y6hPu and visit Amazon to purchase the Litebox Studio 45.
Come back later for an update with finished product photos.
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