Your portfolio is your brand. Treat it as a resume, and be sure it exhibits the type of work you are looking for. It should display your ability at posing. Also include a variety of photographic styles or genres to show your versatility. Having professional hair and makeup done for your portfolio shoots is incredibly important in order to achieve high quality, portfolio worthy professional photos.

Photos you should include in your portfolio are head shots, ¾ body and full body. When it comes to portraits we are looking at your face to see how you photograph and find the most flattering angles. Make sure your photos show the following facial views: full face, 3/4 view, 2/3 view and profile. 

Only work with photographers that are knowledgeable in editing and retouching.

One or two sub-par photos can easily bring down your portfolio. Less can be more when it comes to quality.

Do not use selfies, cell phone photos or screen shots of unedited or unretouched photos from a photographer's camera or computer in your official portfolio. Photos will be processed very differently from their raw out of camera state to being retouched. Also, do not use snapshots (photos between looks during a shoot, on vacation or a night out) in your portfolio. Those types of photos are great on social media for a behind the scenes look and to show you in action, but they do not show your professionally produced work.

Once you have been published in print and online media you should include tear sheets and screen shots of your published work in your portfolio.

Good Luck With Your Modeling!

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